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Triangle Baseball League Organizational Plan for Resuming Play


Below is a list of guidelines proposed by the Triangle Baseball League for the communities of Hobson, Winifred, Stanford, Denton, Highwood and Fort Benton programs for resuming youth baseball related activities under phase 1 of Governor Bullock’s program relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These guidelines will be strictly enforced in accordance with any other guidelines set by our individual communities and counties (Judith Basin, Fergus, Chouteau).

  1. A hold harmless waiver from the state American Legion commissioner and a nation form insurance form must be completed before athletes are allowed to participate. 

  2. Social distancing must be maintained throughout practice.  Every effort to remain 6 feet apart must be made.  Practice plans will be created with social distancing in mind.

  3. Pick up and Drop off - Parents should stay in their vehicles if possible, and let their players come to and from them. They should not cluster together or near the other players and coaches.  If they want to watch practice, we will try to practice in a field where they can watch from their vehicles.

  4. The number of practices held each week will be based on the approved number of participants allowed by our local DES coordinators.  If allowed coaches can work with players in groups of 10 or less players spread throughout the field. If a roster has more than 10 players there must be two coaches present to help maintain the social distancing rules. Multiple practices can be held in a day if teams only have one coach and need to adhere to the groups of 10 or less players for practice.

  5. Each player is recommended to have their own gear including but not limited to a bag, bat, glove & helmet. Each player will keep hand sanitizer in their bag and use liberally throughout practice.

  6. Clorox wipes will be provided by the teams. When using equipment that is not yours equipment must be wiped down before and after being used.  We encourage for the time being that no personal equipment be shared including bats, helmets, gloves, etc.

  7. All players and coaches will need to have sufficient space on their baselines/dugouts to adhere to the 6 foot rule, so every player may not be allowed to sit in what dugouts each community has depending on the size of each facility.

  8. There will be no sharing of food or drinks at practice or games. Each athlete & coach will be required to bring their own water to every practice and label it accordingly. 

  9. Each player should practice good hygiene before, at, and after practice.

  10. All coaches, players and parents, should NOT come to practice when you are sick.  Even just a little under the weather.

  11. If a Coach, player or immediate family is diagnosed with COVID-19, a mandatory 14 day quarantine is necessary for those individuals.  It is also important that if individuals associated with the teams do not feel good or experience any signs of COVID-19 that you stay home and seek medical assistance. Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 must notify Public Health and be cleared by Public Health to return to practice.

  12. This plan will remain in effect and adjusted as we advance through the three phases of Governor Bullock’s program.

       If the above plan is acceptable, we ask that a representative from your organization sign below to give the Triangle League Baseball           teams permission to proceed with practice under these guidelines and the guidelines of phase 1 of Governor Bullock’s program                   referencing organized youth activities.

13.  Teams will only be allowed to practice while our state remains in Phase 1 of the Re-opening plan. Once we enter Phase 2 then we will         be able to begin playing games.

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